Frequency Range of UHF PD Measurements in Power Transformers

Although partial discharge (PD) measurement is a well-accepted technology to assess the quality of the insulation system of power transformers, there are still uncertainties about which frequency range PDs radiate and which frequency range should be evaluated in a measurement. This paper discusses both a UHF PD frequency range obtained from studies investigating laboratory experiments and a frequency range from numerous practical use cases with online and on-site measurements. The “common” frequency range, where measurements from all use cases provide signal power, is from approximately 400 MHz to 900 MHz, but it is noted that the individual frequency range, as well as the peak UHF signal power, varies from case to case. We conclude from the discussed laboratory experiments and practical observations that UHF PD measurements in power transformers using either valve or window antennas, according to Cigré, are excellent methods to detect PD.

Full paper can be access from the following link:

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