UTRA Webinar on Transformer Life Extension through Oil Regeneration Conducted by The University of Manchester

The first webinar by UTRA was held on 5th May 2020 and was conducted by Prof. Zhongdong Wang and Dr. Shanika Matharage from The University of Manchester. The topic of the webinar was “Transformer Life Extension through Oil Regeneration”, which is based on the research work by Mr. Ram Venkatasubramanian under the supervision of Dr. Qiang Liu and Prof. Zhongdong Wang.

A list of research papers referred in the webinar are given below.

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2 Comments on “UTRA Webinar on Transformer Life Extension through Oil Regeneration Conducted by The University of Manchester”

  1. Great initiation. I would suggest to remove forced unmute setting for all participants after the presentation as that could help to have a constructive discussion and participants can join the discussion if they wish.

  2. Thx for great sharing and nice flow. 2 suggestions as below
    1. send out charts 2-3 days before, which help audience to deep dive on figures and data. Collect quiz in advance, if possible, a weblink can serve quiz collection.
    2. Release unmute during Q&A session. To avoid traffic, remove it region by region is a feasible approach.
    looking forward for coming sessions.

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