International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering (ISH) – 2023 – Glasgow UK

The 2023 International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering (ISH) was held in Glasgow, Scotland, UK from 28 August 2023 – 1 September 2023. This is one of the most influential and well attended international conferences by researchers and academics in the field of high voltage engineering and insulation technology. This year the conference was attended by over 300 delegates around the world and there were over 270 conference papers published as oral and poster presentations.

ISH 2023 provided an excellent forum to present results, advances and discussions among engineers, researchers and scientists, and share ideas, knowledge and expertise on high voltage engineering. The members of UTRA submitted several papers showing latest research results in the field of high voltage engineering. Below is a list of the papers related to transformer related research published by UTRA members.

Application of principal component analysis for power transformer asset managementUniversity of Exeter
Development of a test platform for DGA studies of transformer liquids under electrical faultsUniversity of Manchester
Effect of electric field on conductivity of synthetic esterUniversity of Exeter
Evaluating OLTC condition based on Feature extraction from vibro-acoustic SignalsUniversity of Quebec at Chicoutimi
Investigation of the influence of solar radiation on the thermal modelling of power transformersStuttgart University
Localization of partial discharge sources in power transformers using neural networksStuttgart University
Performance analysis of insulating liquids for synthetic ester retrofilling mineral oil transformersXian Jiao tong University

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